January 28

Strengthening Cyber Security for Your New York Business with Firewalls

As hackers become savvier, it’s important for your IT service provider to counter them with strong cyber security solutions in New York. Cyberattacks are no longer random or rare, as they now strike businesses or individuals every minute. One of the most reliable defenses against these intruders is a firewall.

What Firewalls Do

As the name suggests, firewalls block network access from users that lack authorization. Your cyber security partner in New York can configure either a software or hardware firewall in numerous ways, such as blocking devices, websites, and applications from connecting with your network. Essentially, a firewall becomes a shield around your network that filters out suspicious or unknown entities.

Types of Firewalls

The most basic types of firewalls fall into the categories of software or hardware, in which hardware offers more protection due to being close to a router. Within each of these groups, there are several different kinds of firewalls designed to protect data by analyzing it to make sure it’s safe for your network. Factors that determine if data should be blocked include web content, IP address, and active connections.

Here are the four different types of firewalls that block unwanted traffic:

  1. Network Level Firewall – packet filtering
  2. Application Level Firewall – deep packet inspection (proxies)
  3. Circuit Level Gateway Firewall – affordable legitimacy detection
  4. Stateful Multilayer Firewall – dynamic packet filtering

Hiring an IT Consultant to Manage Firewalls

Not all small businesses can afford to hire an onsite IT technician, so many companies work with an IT consulting firm in New York to oversee their technology. Consultants have advanced techniques at their disposal that might not be readily available to the common in-house IT technician. Working with a consultant will also help resolve technical issues quickly.


Blocking various threats such as viruses or denial of service attacks is now essential for every business. By choosing an experienced cyber security team in New York, you can let them worry about stopping hackers while you concentrate on your business. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information about keeping your network free from cybercrime.

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