December 3

Streamlining Business Through IT Consulting on Long Island

Every local business with interconnected networking should consider outsourcing to an IT consulting service provider on Long Island. Not only will it allow you to focus more on your business goals, it will also leave technical issues to qualified, experienced experts. Here are important reasons how a reputable managed services provider (MSP) can improve your business technology.

Business Infrastructure Needs Modernization

All companies that rely on digital technology can benefit from IT consulting on Long Island because the services help refine business models. A recent NTT study found that 77 percent of businesses aren’t prepared for challenges created by the pandemic. The research group also found in its 2021 global managed services survey that outsourcing to MSPs has spiked among businesses from 25 percent in 2020 to 38 percent in 2021.

If you fall behind on technology, you’ll be yielding to your competitors that embrace streamlining solutions. But instead of rushing to invest in trendy new technology, your operation will become more efficient if you partner with IT experts who already see what’s on the horizon.

A Long Island IT support team can guide you through the vast world of technology and help you avoid investing in the wrong hardware, software or services. Many companies get burned when they spend money on a trend that quickly becomes outdated. Not all companies can start over from scratch, but you can integrate new solutions with goals of achieving more powerful infrastructure efficiency.

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Mitigating Cyberthreats is Crucial for All Companies

Another compelling reason why businesses are rapidly embracing MSPs is to let cybersecurity specialists oversee company data protection. The team can use sophisticated solutions for tracking and blocking cyberthreats as they unfold in real time. They can also test files and applications to detect system vulnerabilities. Ultimately, consultants can help you build a strong defense against cybercriminals, which will reduce the chances of business disruption.

IT Specialists Slash Your Expenses

From a financial standpoint, an IT consulting team will give you plenty of useful advice on how to reduce system waste. In other words, they can conduct an audit of your infrastructure and recommend solutions that increase enterprise output. A time-saving solution is to replace redundant tasks with automation. One of the most helpful reasons to hire a third-party IT team is simply to fix technical problems quickly so technical bottlenecks don’t slow down your business.


Choosing the right IT consulting partner will help elevate your Long Island business to the next level. If you let IT experts handle your technical issues while you manage your core business, your company will be ahead of the game. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more on game-changing IT solutions for the future.

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