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Steps to Counter Ransomware Threat with IT Support on Long Island

You cannot underestimate the effectiveness of excellent IT support on Long Island, especially with the rise in ransomware attacks. Ransomware is a form of malicious software used by attackers to encrypt data that only they can decrypt. The attacker will likely ask for payment in the form of bitcoin and proceed to give a countdown. This puts a lot of pressure on businesses to act quickly.

These attacks have increased over the years, with statistics showing the global estimated cost of ransomware attacks to be $20 billion in 2020 across all industries. Therefore, both small and large businesses need to take measures to protect themselves against cyber-attacks. Here are the top 3 steps companies can use to reduce ransomware threats.

3 Steps Business Can Follow to Curb Ransomware Attacks

1. Automated Data Backup

The best way for companies to protect themselves when a ransomware attack happens is to minimize downtime by restoring sensitive data as soon as possible. For this to be effective, you need to have a backup system in place that will automatically backup all your organization’s files in multiple places, including local disks, main storage, and the cloud. Therefore, you will be better positioned to regain the full functionality of systems and not pay the ransom when a cyber-attack occurs.

Ask your IT support provider on Long Island to recommend a secure and stable automated backup and recovery platform that easily integrates with your endpoint devices and other cloud applications.

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2. User Education and Training

Training your employees is vital in stopping cyber-threats from spreading across your company. An IT services provider on Long Island can offer security awareness training on the risks users face when using the internet. For instance, you can use customized phishing simulations to train them to identify and avoid suspicious links and emails. This is where you create phishing emails to show your workers what they look like and see if they will be able to identify them after a while.

You should also educate your team on the best steps to follow to counter ransomware, such as having a reliable endpoint security solution. With the top endpoint antivirus security, your employees are protected from malicious downloads. Even though these solutions are not 100% effective, they help minimize ransomware attacks and inform you of devices that have fallen victim; hence, you can take the necessary measures to curb its spread.

3. Ransomware Insurance

Since there is no way to protect your company from ransomware attacks 100%, you should consider ransomware insurance. Cyber-attacks are extremely expensive to recover from, and without insurance, your business may suffer a great loss. You will have peace of mind knowing that your insurance policy can cover the cost in case a ransomware threat succeeds.

Are You Ready to Take Action Against Ransomware Attacks?

Do not let cyber-attacks ruin your business. Following the steps mentioned above will give you a head start in protecting your company from ransomware attacks. However, hiring an IT service provider is the best way to go. Total Technology Solutions offers IT support throughout Long Island and countrywide. We provide reliable and exceptional services across industries like educational institutions, private and public businesses, medical, government, among others. Contact us now for reliable and effective services to protect your company from damaging ransomware threats.

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