August 24

Software Updates Can Make Operations More Secure | Cyber Security in New York

Cyber security professionals in New York commonly provide information regarding issues that develop from out-of-date software. The older the software, the more vulnerable it is to modern cybercrime. However, some software is going to be more of a risk when compared to other operational programs.

What to Do About It

IT security experts advise that you should institute software update best practices which may well include automated patching. Following, we’ll explore three things you can do to keep key operational programs as up-to-date as feasibly possible. Keep in mind, there may be a good reason to delay updating in the event coding issues have some hidden bug. That said, usually, it’s better to be up to date. Consultation helps you find your balance. At any rate, consider these tips:

1. Automated and/or Outsourced Patch Management

Cyber security experts in New York advise that you should consider patch management. This can be automated in-house or in an outsourced way. Whatever best fits operations will likely be the move for your business. A little consultation can reveal pros and cons of either approach.

2. Consultation to Determine Software and Hardware Vulnerabilities

Consultation is definitely important to understand what’s important, and how to implement it. There could be hardware vulnerabilities if you’re using legacy tech; such a situation may require updating to new hardware before instituting automated security upgrade protocols.

3. Strategic Software Updates Depending on Levels of Data Security

IT support professionals can help you tier patches based on priority. Core software, core data, core hardware–these systems should first be protected.

Assuring Known Vulnerabilities in Software Are Overcome

Cyber security specialists in New York advise automated patch management that could benefit from outsourcing, consultation as a means of specifying priority software to patch, and strategic updates around data security which match operational needs. To learn more about which patch protocols are best for your business, contact us at Total Technology Solutions.

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