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Signs That You Need to Switch to Higher Quality IT Support on Long Island

Businesses increasingly outsource to IT support providers on Long Island because of its cost efficiency and access to diverse tech talent. Seasoned IT teams, a.k.a. managed service providers (MSPs), can help protect your data and guide you toward more seamless networking. Here are key signals that tell you it’s time to move on to a new IT support solution.

Complaints Accumulate About Your IT

System slowdowns and other technical problems can escalate when your IT team isn’t staying on top of your system’s performance. If your company website is frequently down, you know you’ve got the wrong IT team. When you start noticing basic problems that persist even after alerting IT members, it’s a sign of burnout or a scheme that takes advantage of clients.

The ideal IT support on Long Island gives you maximum business continuity. Early on, the team should help you establish a data backup and recovery plan. If they haven’t done that or haven’t done any infrastructure audits, it’s an indication they aren’t making your business a serious priority.

Your MSP Isn’t Compliant with SLA

Your service level agreement (SLA) defines the roles and activities you should expect from your managed IT service provider on Long Island. If the IT firm is supposed to monitor your network on a daily basis but fails to do so, the contract can be considered void. These days, there are more flexible options to long-term MSP contracts.

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Lack of Strategic Vision

The best MSPs are focused on improving the business technology of their clients. They listen to managers about their company goals and offer suggestions that help improve networking and storage. What reputable MSPs do for their clients in many ways can directly impact their level of competition.

Inability to Handle Business Growth

Your IT consultant needs to keep up with modern technology or get left behind. Good quality MSPs understand how to offer scalable solutions in the cloud to accommodate business growth. If your company bases its success on online subscribers, for example, it’s imperative for your MSP to provide a painless and affordable solution for the expansion of new accounts.

Overpaying for Services

Another sign it’s time to find a new IT service is when you’re paying too much yet getting little in return. One of an MSP’s primary purposes is to bring efficiency to their clients. If they aren’t helping you cut costs, they’re part of the problem.


Get the most out of IT support on Long Island by choosing a team with experience and expertise. Working with the right IT team can take your business to a more productive level. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to know more about upgrading your IT experience.

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