February 4

Signs of Failing IT Infrastructure and How IT Support on Long Island Can Help

At the heart of seamless business operations is a well-functioning IT infrastructure. A glitch-less IT system should help to keep costs down and speed up productivity. Things often run smoothly in the first few years after being set up, but eventually, your computers, servers, software, and networks may start to age out of efficiency. IT support services on Long Island might help you to navigate this treacherous landscape.

Now: what is a company to do with a low performing IT infrastructure? Here are some signs that yours is failing:

  • Lagging apps – Are those downtimes starting to be unbearably frequent? It happens that after working for you for many years, your servers start ‘collapsing’ under excessive loads. On the other hand, your old apps may be forced to work with newer deployments that are not readily compatible. IT support experts on Long Island can help with patch management and server monitoring to identify and fix the root causes.
  • Static IP addressing – Do you have to manually set the IP addresses of your servers and data center equipment? This is an indicator of an out of date infrastructure. New Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) servers automatically assign IP addresses based on your policies, to every device on your network.
  • Server running too hot – When a server becomes too hot, that’s often a sign of deteriorating health. Quickly you start to think of broken fans and clogged intakes when you feel the heat, but the problem could also be a result of an overtaxed CPU. If unusual noises accompany the issue, chances are you are in for significant downtime.
  • Constant reboots – When server crashes are too many for no apparent reason, these reboots may only be delaying a major final crash. On the other hand, your applications may start displaying strange error messages or total failure to load. Long Island IT services providers can help identify and fix causes such as malware, failing memory, and failing hard drive.

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Here’s how you can implement some IT infrastructure best practices:

  • Respond fast to the symptoms of failure – Constant performance monitoring can help to successfully diagnose the problem and budget for replacements before the issue can stall your business operations.
  • Modernize your apps and servers – Upgrade to the latest operating systems and software and repair or replace old servers to reduce your cost of maintenance.
  • Regular vulnerability scans – These scans can help to detect performance issues and cases of malware or other problems causing the glitches. You can leverage network monitoring software with real-time alerts for this purpose.


Managing your IT infrastructure takes a lot of time and money. Outsourcing this function to IT support experts on Long Island can help to reduce payroll costs and the risk of downtimes. At Total Technology Solutions, we help clients achieve the right performance and security for your systems. Contact us today to learn more.

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