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Total believes that training is an investment in your staff that can improve business performance, profit, and staff morale. When a client invests in staff training, new skills are learned, existing skills are enhanced, and ultimately performance is improved. When everyone gets better, your business gets better.

Total’s training experts custom-tailor programs based on your business needs providing professional, high quality education. Our services are complete, from needs analysis to post-course evaluation and support ensuring that clients have the highest quality training programs in place.

Fewer Mistakes
Fewer Oversights
Increased ROI
Coordination of Staff
Greater Staff Efficiencies
Staff Confidence

Investment In Your People Maximizes Efficiency

Training is an investment, not a cost.

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cyberattacks are proliferating. Phishing, ransomware and data breaches are commonplace. But your business doesn’t have to be victimized by unpredictable, malicious and potentially disastrous attacks. Total’s Layered Defense training turns your staff into another layer of protection against cyberattacks.
This Cybersecurity Training reveals the complete cybersecurity picture from 30,000 feet…and from ground level too.  Your people will learn:
  • how to detect potential internal and external threats
  • how to properly react
  • next steps  to stop hackers from compromising your network

Internal Threats

Total’s training also deals with one of the most serious threats to IT security…threats coming from within…not just the disgruntled workers and corporate spies, but the non-malicious, uninformed employee as well.

Educating staff to be aware of current security requirements represents an effective enhancement to your company’s overall security program that reduces risks of exposure. Total’s team of experienced professionals provide insight into security optimization of corporate policies and can then educate your staff on those policies to lessen the likelihood of internal cybersecurity threats.

Microsoft Office 365 Training

Whether your business is looking to upgrade to Microsoft Office 365 or if your business is already using Microsoft Office 365 and you want your staff to better utilize its robust features to its full potential, Total has a training solution. Total provides personnel training on Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Access, and SharePoint, and more, all completely customized to fit your business needs.

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