March 19

How to Secure Your VoIP Service with IT Support on Long Island

Have you made the switch to a VoIP service yet? Many businesses these days are migrating their telephone services to a VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol. There are numerous reasons for this. It’s accessible wherever you go because it works over the internet. It’s also easier to manage and has many unique features that can improve your business communications. The challenge comes with security concerns that surround all internet services. Our IT support team on Long Island helps protect your business.

There are different ways that hackers can tap into your phone service and compromise your communications. Imagine someone gaining access to your business line and making numerous international calls without your knowledge. What if someone on your team lost their mobile device and someone used it to make calls or defraud your company? You might not catch this until you saw the huge bill. There has to be a way to stop such activities, protect your business security, and keep your bills under control.

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How to Secure Your Phone Service

Securing your phone line is not something that happens without a well-rounded strategy. There are many ways that your business can be at risk, and these include unauthorized access through the network and through lost devices. Managed IT services firms on Long Island help businesses to make the most of a VoIP without having to deal with the security risks. There is a basket of solutions that can be used.

One of the best ways to address the challenges is through access control measures. Once these are in place, they need to be routinely tested and upgraded. Clustered firewalls are a great way of protecting and stabilizing your network. We can also assist you with optimizing your router configuration, conducting penetration testing to identify weaknesses in your network security, and monitoring the load on your network. We can help you keep track with who is using your network, how many devices are connected, if there is anything unusual like a spike in traffic, and limit how much is used in different locations. We have years of experience helping clients with IT support on Long Island and across the country.

At Total Technology Solutions, we understand the importance of a strong network in your company. We can take care of the monitoring, management, and security, while you focus on your other business activities. Your communications are a vital part of your operations, so let us help you secure your VoIP. Contact us to learn about our IT support solutions on Long Island.

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