September 9

Secure Your Business Emails with IT Consulting in Long Island

IT consulting firms in Long Island can you determine where you’ve got vulnerabilities in your current email security and how best to address them. It’s fundamental to secure your email infrastructure; or else, you’ll leave yourself wide open. Malware attacks and underhanded phishing scams commonly sneak into inboxes because email security isn’t what it should be. Corporate espionage may also leach data from you.

Best Practices in Securing Emails

IT support provider in Long Island advise a number of different solutions for businesses large and small. Some will be more or less appropriate for your business, depending on the size.

Certainly, it’s worth it for an SMB to secure things as best they can, but if you’re not operating at the enterprise level, different realities will come into play. For example, big businesses often host their own email server. That’s a different suite of security concerns! In any event, the following best practices are generally advisable across the board:

  • Establish a secure email gateway
  • Design effective encryption solutions
  • Educate your personnel pertaining to common threats

A Closer Look

IT consulting firms in Long Island will advise you to have email gateways that have secure deployment. If you’ve got on-premises ability, that’s worthwhile. Cloud email gateways make sense as well. These keep unwanted emails out and can also fortify users against danger from malicious email.

Adding to your gateway, you want some level of encryption. This cuts regulatory violations down, keeps data from being lost, and maintains communications channels. Email encryption options may be required by law, so know whether or not this applies to your situation. In that vein, ensure your employees know what to do as well.

IT support providers in Long Island can help you educate them at intervals pertaining to best practices as regards email management. This is necessary, as your biggest email threats will come from internal mistakes.

Securing Email Transit

IT consulting firms in Long Island like Total Technology Solutions can help you establish secure email gateways, encryptions, and personnel education. There are other email protection measures you can take as well. Contact us for more information.

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