November 10

Safeguard Your Business Against Malware with IT Consulting in Long Island

IT consulting in Long Island is going to save you a lot of unnecessary footwork in terms of security. There’s an old saying that says where there isn’t any counsel, plans fail. You want to get good advice from the right people, so you avoid applying security measures that don’t work, and so that you ensure to apply those that do.

There are a lot of different security measures you can take. For most businesses, providers of IT support in Long Island will likely recommend a combination of several tactics that are known to be effective. These include:

Training in Cybersecurity

IT consulting firms in Long Island advise you to train personnel pertaining to best practices regarding security. That training can’t be a one-time event. New threats develop with regularity. If you’re going to get the job done right, you need to train your staff in reference to new threats every couple of months. Consulting can help you determine the proper interval.

Firewalls, MFA, and Automated Software Patches

Providers of IT support in Long Island advise Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for network access; especially as regards operational infrastructure incorporating strong mobile components. Additionally, you’ll want the latest firewalls— old firewall options become vulnerable owing to technological transition. The same is true with antivirus protocols. For both, automated software patches are key in providing comprehensive protection.

Incorporating Professional Security Management

Professional security management through an MSP is the next logical step up the ladder from consultation. Generally, outsourcing security to agencies with a business prerogative built around providing effective security solutions for clients provides you better security than internal measures could.

Comprehensive Security

IT consulting in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you get an idea of what you need to do to protect your business. Common steps include incorporating regular cybersecurity training for personnel, firewalls, MFA, automated software patches, and perhaps the introduction of MSP security options. Contact us for more information.

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