November 23

Resolve VoIP Call Quality Issues with the Help of an IT Support Provider on Long Island

Outsourcing to an IT support firm on Long Island can help a business rise above issues of technology, including Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. IT experts can help you deploy this service that delivers phone over the internet then help you take a proactive approach in managing it. Here are quality issues involving VoIP that your IT team can help you resolve.

Choppy Audio from Packet Loss

An IT support provider on Long Island can help you identify VoIP audio problems and suggest solutions. Unlike the regular telephone, which delivers voice directly as sound, VoIP divides sound up into different packets. A common issue is when a voice sounds choppy as packets are lost in data transmission.

When the gateway receiving the call is unable to predict audio from the empty gap, it causes choppy sound. This situation often points to lack of bandwidth, which can be corrected by increasing bandwidth or reducing the use of certain applications that use up bandwidth. When you hear choppy audio, it’s a good idea for the IT support team to run a test for malware or spyware just to be safe.

Static from the Analog Adapter

It’s common for VoIP systems to include an analog telephone adapter (ATA) that coverts the analog signal to digital, which may cause static during phone calls. A Long Island IT services provider can check the power supplies to see if they are compatible with the system. The problem can often be fixed by unplugging and replugging the ATA and its connected devices. Digital conversions aren’t necessary when using IP phones.

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Too Much Echo

Another issue with VoIP is sometimes you’ll hear a person’s voice echo. It may require adjusting the settings on the microphone/amplifier, purchasing higher quality USB headsets or investing in VoIP echo cancellation software.


One of the worst audio problems that occur on VoIP systems is jitter, in which a voice sounds distorted. This problem can be the result of data packets being distributed out of sequence due to internet traffic congesion, wireless delivery or bad hardware. An IT provider can reduce jitter by using an area where data packets are temporarily stored to create a buffer zone.


Working with an experienced IT support provider on Long Island is advantageous for businesses that use modern technology such as VoIP. Even the most advanced technology can have technical issues. Working with a team of experts can resolve issues quickly. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how we can provide your business with reliable solutions to address your technical concerns.

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