March 9

Representative Cyber Security on Long Island is Key in Safeguarding Data

Cyber security on Long Island is fundamental for big businesses, but it’s also something smaller operations do well to incorporate. SMBs are prime targets for cybercriminals. Further compounding the issue is the prevalence of cybercrime. “Black hat IT” mirrors “white hat” industries in terms of economic impact.

Having security compromised or data corrupted is less a matter of “if” and more a matter of “when.” Accordingly, best practices in data protection must be pursued; some of which are:

Classify Data According to Importance, Carefully Manage Passwords

Cyber security on Long Island can help you prioritize data protection. Some information will be more important to your business, some won’t. For example: information regarding HVAC settings probably won’t be as integral to your operation as a proprietary formula.

Password security that updates passwords monthly and makes them appropriately strong is key. Password protection can be tiered to match data protection priority as a means of reducing complication in management.

Updates, Patching, Preparation, Mobile Management, and BDR

Updates in software often fix old bugs. Patches in antivirus and firewall protections are also necessary. Automating both is advisable. Such measures should additionally be applied, as possible, to mobile operational infrastructure, like Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Mobile management which controls who has access to your network can be key in keeping cybercriminals out. You can consolidate software across the platforms of employees working on a BYOD infrastructure via the cloud.

Even so, you’ll need alternatives for when all else fails. Backup and Disaster Recovery, or BDR, is essential, as is preparing to get operations back online after an emergency. Protocols need to be designed, and they furthermore must be tested.

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Educate Staff at Intervals, Encrypt Everything Appropriately

New issues develop as new technology does, meaning security training isn’t a one-time event for your staff. You’ve got to update them at intervals; external managed tech support can help you stay ahead of developing security risks.

Lastly, be sure everything is properly encrypted using the latest techniques. Computational power exponentially expands, expediting obsolescence of antiquated security methods.

Effectively Preparing Operations Against Cybercrime

Cyber security on Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you prioritize data protection, efficiently manage password security, facilitate automated updates, and automate patching. We can additionally help you incorporate disaster best practices, apply mobile management solutions, effectively educate staff, and properly encrypt your data. Contact us for more information on these and other key cyber security solutions.

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