June 22

Reducing IT Spending in 2021 | IT Support on long Island

Presently, IT spending is driven by cloud solutions, AI, 5G, and similar emerging solutions that promise goodies in cost efficiency and operational excellence. Cost optimization remains a priority, though, even as IT budgets lean towards revenue growth.

IT support providers on Long Island now focus on affordable ways to effectively address new security risks, streamline remote working, and shift workloads to the cloud.

Here Are Key Ways Companies Are Reducing Their IT Budgets in 2021

A Focus on the Employee Experience

Over half of the companies that have opted for remote work have indicated their intention to keep it going post-pandemic. Communication tools, infrastructure enhancements, virtualization services, and managed wireless services were all part of the change.

Nearly 30 percent of companies have prepared training for their remote working employees, while 32 percent aim to provide intuitive platforms for their employees.

As more businesses look to expedite their own IT initiatives, the user experience has become the focal point of digital transformation.

Innovative Cyber Maturity Technologies

Endpoint security is now a priority for Long Island IT services. The IT spend of 55% of businesses in 2021 focuses on lowering risk and improving security in distributed workforce environments. Security strategies below are expected to grow strongly over the next two years:

• Programs for training employees
• Ransomware prevention solutions
• System to detect breaches
• Protecting cloud workloads

Bundling Procurements

Due to the constant renewal cycle of central IT components like servers and PCs, grouping purchases has contributed significantly to standardization. Companies are currently concentrating their procurement so they can receive discounts from manufacturers.

In the hardware business, since margins are thin, it makes sense to purchase hardware from different manufacturers in batches of 50 rather than individually.

It is possible to save quite a bit in the overall volume when buying servers and storage simultaneously. It is often possible to request project prices from the partner from a five-digit turnover, saving money.

Cloud Adoption

Cloud spending is expected to increase over 2021 as companies strive to support user productivity and cybersecurity. In 2021, productivity solutions will represent the most significant percentage of software spend, accounting for 35 % of organizations’ workload migrations to the cloud.

Continuity and recovery solutions, as well as email hosting, are other popular cloud products. There is also an increase in spending on managed services, with an increasing interest in:

• Hardware support
• Hosting
• Data storage and backup
• Remote security

The value of onsite IT is in many ways inferior to having decentralized IT support on Long Island, especially when seen from the perspective of the past year.

By partnering with Total Technology Solutions, we can ensure your technology spend brings the value you are expecting (and more) so you can focus on achieving your true mission and serving your clients. Contact us now for the best IT support services on Long Island.

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