September 18

How to Reduce IT Costs Significantly with IT Consulting in Long Island

Today, all businesses depend on IT consulting services in Long Island to maintain a competitive edge in the market. It is a proven fact that IT reduces operational costs significantly. Nevertheless, you need to ask yourself how much money you are spending on the IT itself.
Research has shown that most SMBs are spending more than the recommended percentage on IT. However, spending so much on IT does not keep you ahead of your competitors. This is why you need to find tactics to optimize your IT costs. Your immediate approach should be to examine your budget and then come up with ways to reduce expenses. Prioritize the crucial areas and identify areas that you can consolidate.
Consider the following tactics through which you can cut IT infrastructure significantly:


Simply put, virtualization is the replacement of physical hardware with virtual counterparts. With virtualization, you can actually maximize the utilization of server resources. In the real sense, virtual environments decrease energy use and hardware expenses. In addition, you create more space and a flexible work environment.

Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC)

Just like virtualization, an SDDC can significantly lower the operational costs associated with IT. An IT consulting company in Long Island assumes the responsibility of delivering computing, networking, telecommunication, storage, and several other IT functions. This means that you will not spend so much money or time for system maintenance. You also get to save on hardware costs.

Outsourcing IT Staff and Services

Outsourcing is also an excellent way to reduce IT infrastructure costs. Staff outsourcing has become popular as it reduces hiring expenses almost by half. Another way is outsourcing IT services on a pay-per-use model. Some of these IT services include SaaS, DRaaS, and BaaS, all of which satisfy IT requirements at an affordable price.

Outsourcing Security Services

With the advancement in technology come many network security threats. To protect your network efficiently, it is best that you hire the services of a managed security service provider (MSSP) hackers keep coming up with new threats and you need to be well protected from such. Outsourcing security services has proved to be cheaper than hiring an in-house team of security personnel.
Information technology is meant to make work easier and less costly. Spending so much on IT means you are doing it the wrong way. With the help of an IT consulting team in Long Island and the above strategies, you can streamline your IT expenditure. If you feel that your IT infrastructure is still high, contact us at Total Technology Solutions. Our IT experts will share with you more tactics on how to cut down on your information technology expenditure.

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