June 24

Ransomware Hits Florida City

Last week, it was reported that a Florida city was hit with ransomware and agreed to pay $600,000 in ransom to the hackers who took over its computer system. The hackers were able to get into the city’s system after an employee clicked on an email link that allowed them to upload malware.

The city experienced numerous problems, including losing its email system and 911 dispatchers not being able to enter calls into the computer.

Ransomware is commonly delivered through phishing emails. Phishing emails often appear as though they have been sent from a legitimate organization or someone known to the victim and entice the user to click on a malicious link or open a malicious attachment.

Luckily, there are several cybersecurity defenses that can be put in place to help protect businesses from cyber attacks such as this. In the case of the employee who clicked a link that initiated the ransomware, employee awareness training could have prevented that occurrence. This training can teach how to detect potential internal and external threats, how to properly react, and next steps to stop hackers from compromising your network. Other preventative measures that could protect from ransomware infections include a business continuity solution that can retrieve a backup, and subsequently restore the system to just before a ransomware attack occurred. Other preventative solutions include web filtering at the DNS level as the first line of internet defense and Advanced Threat Protection that defends all endpoints using heuristics and artificial intelligence (AI) engines to halt threats.

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