June 8

Ransomware Attacks Are So Rampant Now | Cyber Security Insights

Ransomware attacks continue to pose significant cyber security threats against all types of organizations. Trying to stay a step ahead of these evolving threats is never an easy task for businesses. These ransomware attacks continue to grow more prevalent due to the lucrative nature of these attacks.

Evolving Nature of Ransomware

Ransomware attacks used to mainly focus on encrypting files and demanding a ransom within a certain time period. However, now many of the modern ransomware schemes focus on stealing confidential information and threatening to reveal this data to the public. Understanding how to avoid these threats is essential in keeping your information safe and secure.

Soft Targets

Another reason why ransomware attacks are so prevalent is due to the almost countless number of soft targets. These criminals often target third-party suppliers that don’t have the additional resources to focus on cyber security. Partnering with an IT service provider is essential in staying proactive against these evolving threats.

Lucrative Nature of Attacks

Ransomware attacks are a major issue due to the lucrative nature of these threats. Demanding $50 million in ransom is a common occurrence against large-scale organizations. Giving in to these ransom demands only further increases the frequency of these attacks. Taking the necessary steps to keep your data safe while educating your employees about these threats is critical to avoid being the next victim of these ransomware schemes.

Remote Workforce

Ransomware attacks continue to grow in popularity due to the record number of remote workers. These remote employees are especially vulnerable to these cyber threats. Educating employees on how to recognize these potential threats is essential in keeping your company safe. Backing up all of your critical data on the cloud is also important in keeping your information much more secure.

For Your Business’s Cyber Security, Partner with Total Technology Solutions

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