April 12

Protecting Your Data with Cloud Backup and Managed IT Services in Long Island

Your businesses might collapse overnight from natural disasters unless you partner with a managed IT services provider in Long Island and have a well-established data backup plan. The most reliable way to prevent data loss these days is to store data in remote locations, which can be solved by a cloud provider. Here’s a deeper look at how working with technology experts and the cloud can improve data protection, business continuity, and security:

Risks of Avoiding Regular Backups

Nearly half of small businesses that are stricken with a natural or man-made disaster are unable to survive because they didn’t prepare for emergencies. If you never back up your data or keep it available on other servers, you run the risk of losing your entire business. One wrong click by an unsuspecting employee can infect your system with malware.
Not only should all your most critical data be backed up regularly, files and applications also need to be regularly tested. A proactive IT provider will stay up-to-date on ensuring that your system is free of bugs. One of the biggest advantages of working with an experienced IT provider is that you’ll have 24/7 access to tech expertise and support. The combination of this relationship and using a reliable cloud provider will offer the greatest level of confidence that your digital assets are well-protected.

Why the Cloud is a Reliable Backup

The reason the cloud solves backup problems quickly is that it’s usually offsite, although it’s common for businesses to have their own private clouds. Using an offsite data center for backup is the key as long as it’s run by a high-quality cloud provider that prioritizes robust security. A managed IT services provider in Long Island can partner with a top-tier data center and offer affordable and predictable pricing on hosting data and applications.
The cloud provides easy answers to what were once complex questions about scalability for business growth. Data centers no longer have to be physically large to provide unlimited storage if they use virtual servers. Cost and space efficiency are important reasons to embrace the cloud. It’s an effective way to replicate your infrastructure without taking up twice as much space.
Another advantage to cloud backup is that it’s a strong solution for maintaining business continuity. If your infrastructure is based completely on local hardware without the cloud, then you may experience considerable downtime in a natural disaster or cyber attack. When your entire system is replicated in the cloud, you can instantly restore access to your business tools and communications.

Cloud Security

The beauty of working with a top-tier cloud provider is they handle security of their hardware, which frees up your IT team to work on other issues. You will still need to make sure that your local hardware has its own security solutions, and it’s important for your staff to know how to avoid opening suspicious emails.
A managed IT services provider in Long Island and a cloud provider can give your company maximum data protection. It’s the winning solution for ensuring that your business won’t be wiped out by a single catastrophic event. Contact us now at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about we can keep your data and applications safe in the cloud.

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