November 27

Protect Your Business from Cybercrime with IT Support in Long Island

IT support firms in Long Island are always quite busy providing support options for businesses that have been impacted by cybercrime. White hat, “public” IT is reckoned to have a $5.2 trillion impact in 2020. In 2021, cybercrime is expected to have a $6 trillion impact. The two are essentially neck and neck.

IT consultants in Long Island advocate a number of best practices in helping your business defend itself against pernicious cybercriminal threats. Consider the following tactics:

Effective BDR Design

IT support firms in Long Island advise Backup and Disaster Recovery that employs a backup approach with three components: three separate backups on at least two separate kinds of media, one backup being located off-site. BDR includes more than just backups, though; it also concerns policy for coming back online in the wake of a disaster. Consultation is key in getting the most effective solutions here.

Maintaining Continuous Antivirus Updates

IT consultants in Long Island will additionally advise you to automate updates where possible. In terms of firewalls, antivirus programs, and patches, automatic solutions keep you ahead of the curve when new threats develop.

MFA, Email Security, Progressively Transitioning Policy

Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, is when two separate devices are used to validate someone’s identity. Sometimes this is like a smartphone and a laptop, or some other IoT device and a desktop. For email security, you may want to look into sandboxing.

This is where files are “detonated” in a safe digital environment to assure they don’t contain any malware. Lastly, be sure your policies transition as new threats and best practices develop. Flexible policy design facilitates this sort of progressive approach. Consultation may be helpful.

Protecting Against Cybercrime

IT support firms in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can be an essential part of your overall security strategy. We can help you design the best BDR, facilitate continuous updates, MFA, email security, and policy flexibility for necessary future transition. Contact us for more information.

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