July 30

Protect Your Business Against Common Hacker Tricks with Cyber Security Solutions on Long Island

Cyber security solutions on Long Island is fundamental to protecting your business. There are endless threats out there in terms of viruses, black-hat cybercrime startups, natural disasters, and other less obvious dangers. You can’t predict the future, but you can protect against known threats in the market–and there are hacker tricks you should be wary of.

Hacker Tricks to Watch Out For

There are both common and uncommon means by which cybercriminals undermine businesses. Some are built around stealing data, others around getting information that allows for asset theft. Cyber security providers can help you get the most comprehensive protection against the most well-known threats such as:

  • Phishing – Cyber security experts on Long Island focus heavily on helping businesses avoid phishing scams. An example might be an email pretending to be from a manager asking for financial account information.

Say the CEO of your company is MaxBossman@YourCompany.com. A cybercriminal phishing scam email may be MacksBosman@YourCmpany.com. See how subtly different that is? IT security professionals can help you understand varying techniques and avoid being taken in by a phishing scam.

  • Social engineering hacks – Social engineering hacks are like phishing scams in the social dimension. For example, a woman might call with the sound of a wailing baby in the background, letting on that she’s forgotten her login data.

The right person on the other end of the phone will be susceptible out of natural pity and give that information–if they haven’t been trained against social engineering hacks.

Read on: Cyber Security in New York Is Essential in Combating Expanding Social Engineering Hacks


That’s exactly what happened in this video. Learn common social engineering hacks, train your team to avoid them, work with IT security specialists to know the latest scams.

  • Password hacking – Brute force password hacking can be accomplished through software or guesswork. Make your passwords unguessable and continuously shift them at strategic times. Work with MSPs to find your balance.
  • Corporate espionage/cybercrime attack via fault injection – Whether through corporate espionage or hack attack, there are fault injection dangers out there today where hackers look for weak points in your network and inject malware. A pen-test through the right security provider can help safeguard against this.
  • Malware transferred via USB stick – At conventions, sometimes USB sticks with corporate logos of clients or competitors will be handed out. These may have malware. Institute policies which avoid allowing non-approved hardware to interact with any of your business’s tech equipment.

Overcoming Common Cybercriminal Tricks

Total Technology Solutions is a cyber security services provider on Long Island that can help you safeguard operations against phishing scams, social engineering hacks, password hacking, corporate espionage or other avenues of fault injection, and malware meted out through hardware. Contact us now for more information on tech security and how to best safeguard your business.

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