August 12

Protect Your Network from “Keylogging” Hacks with IT Support on Long Island

What “Keylogging” Is

Your IT support team on Long Island has to maintain security solutions against new and legacy means of digital data theft. Keylogging, short for “keystroke logging”, isn’t always used for hacking purposes. Basically, keyloggers collect user activity data as someone inputs it through a keyboard into a computer.

Steps to Safeguard Against Keylogging Hacks

What an IT services provider on Long Island will usually do is look for malware installed for keylogging purposes. Basically, such software records what people do on their device, then sends it to hackers discreetly. There are multiple families of keylogging software, including:

  • Application Programming Interface (API) Keyloggers
  • Kernel-Level Keyloggers
  • Browser Loggers
  • Screen-Scrapers

Application Programming Interface (API) Keyloggers

The issue is, keylogging software isn’t always used maliciously, so it may exist in a device without installation and be remotely utilized by hackers to gain unauthorized access or steal data. IT support professionals on Long Island can monitor use of such software remotely and help determine whether programs on your computer are trying to collect and transmit data somewhere they shouldn’t.

Kernel-Level Keyloggers

Kernel-level keyloggers are harder for hackers to design and implement, but they become part of a device or network’s actual operating system. This means detection is more difficult, and hackers are able to steal data longer and more successfully. Tech experts can examine network and device operating software to determine if you’re dealing with a kernel-level keylogging issue.

Browser Loggers

IT support providers can help you design best practices in terms of internet use to help offset the impact of browser loggers. The majority of time spent on computers in modernity is online, so this is a big issue.
Browsers that can steal your keystrokes are a real risk, and it’s something that doesn’t stop at your desktop portal. The same sort of software that logs keystrokes can capture activity on smartphones that function in a similar way.


Basically, built-in screenshot capability is used to capture the activity on your screen for a remote hacker to take advantage of later. Most devices have screen capture capability built into operating systems, so the way to catch this is to watch for devices or networks communicating externally in an unsanctioned way, and cut off that digital artery.

Strong Tactics to Offset Keylogging Security Losses

Our IT support team on Long Island can help you safeguard your networks and devices from a variety of keylogging and screen capture threats. Monitoring support, digitally quarantining affected devices or networks, and retooling security are all tactics toward this end. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information on safeguarding systems from keylogging hacks and other expanding cybercrime threats.

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