July 5

Protect Your Business from Phishing Scams with the Help of Cyber Security Team in New York

Phishing scams continue to grow in popularity, and having a cyber security team in New York can play a key role in keeping your business protected from these attacks. Many of these phishing scams use mass emails to target unsuspecting employees into giving out financial information or login credentials. These cybercriminals will also target individuals or specific groups in a tactic that is known as “spear phishing.” Understanding the common signs of these malicious cyber schemes is essential to avoid becoming the next victim.

Here are three ways that an IT security group can help your business remain safe against these ever-evolving threats:

1. Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training is a great way to educate employees on the dangers of phishing attacks in the workplace. These training sessions will test the knowledge of each employee and significantly increase their cybersecurity awareness for a wide range of potential threats.

2. Install Latest Security Patches

Another way a cyber security team in New York can keep your business protected is by automatically installing the latest security updates for your software programs on each workstation. These security updates play a key role in keeping your data protected and fixing any software vulnerabilities.

3. Spam Filtering Services

Installing the latest spam filtering services is an effective way to prevent the vast majority of phishing scams. These email messages will be automatically sent to your spam folder, and you will not have to worry about an employee accidentally clicking on a malicious link within an email.

Phishing scams can create significant data loss and damage the reputation of your organization. However, having a cyber security team in New York offers the latest protection against these ever-evolving threats. Security awareness training, patch management, and spam filtering services are just a few ways to keep your company safe from these cyber threats. Total Technology Solutions is an IT security company that understands the importance of keeping your data protected in today’s digital work environment. Contact us now to learn more about the dangers of phishing scams and schedule a free consultation.

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