August 30

Protect Your Business from Common Cyber Security Breaches in New York

Cyber security in New York is an integral component in helping you continuously manage a secure operation. The surface area of your digital profile has vulnerabilities.

The right IT support team can identify and patch them. They can preemptively protect you as well, helping you avoid common means by which cybercriminals obtain unauthorized access to your data.

Common Security Breaches to Watch Out For

Your chosen IT consulting firm in New York must continuously update its profile in terms of varying attacks in order to most efficiently advise clientele. Several common attacks they’re likely to warn you against right now include:

  • DoS and DDoS
  • Varying phishing levels
  • Password attacks, malware, and social engineering hacks

DoS and DDoS

Cyber security firms in New York advise never to download third-party apps owing to the potentiality of DoS (Denial of Service) or DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. In 2016, the eastern seaboard was knocked out (digitally speaking) owing to a DDoS attack which was facilitated by hidden malware acting like a Trojan horse in the background of varying third-party apps. Avoid working with non-approved apps or interfacing with them.

Varying Phishing Levels

IT consulting firms in New York advise clients to avoid being phished. There is generalized phishing and spear phishing. This is where a hacker acts like they represent an email address of an internal employee in management. They send fake emails to people who have access to money and then ask for that money. Accordingly, they get you to give them your assets.

Password Attacks, Malware, And Social Engineering Hacks

Password attacks are often brute force, and if you’ve got bad passwords, you’ll be compromised. Malware comes through the internet and is directly deposited into varying systems–anti-malware protocols are key. Social engineering hacks are similar to phishing, but at different levels of operation. All can be avoided, all are big threats, all are protected against through the right MSP.

Reducing Instances of Data Breach

Cyber security in New York through Total Technology Solutions can help you safeguard operations in terms of password management, anti-malware software, education of employees against social engineering and phishing hacks, and operational design calibrated to avoid DoS/DDoS attacks. Contact us for more information.

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