April 30

Protect Your Business Against Diverse Data Breaches with IT Support in Long Island

Having IT support for your business in Long Island represents an effective, necessary means by which data breach may be prevented. Accordingly, you reduce overall vulnerability. That said, if you don’t know who your enemy is, how can you defend against that enemy?

Common Data Breach Vectors

IT consulting company in Long Island understand the traditional means by which data is either stolen or corrupted. There are a broad variety of methods, they tend to fall under the following primary categories:

Physical Theft of Information Hardware or Software

IT support experts in Long Island admonish businesses large and small to adopt policies preventing physical theft of information. Hard drives that are desktop-sized, external HDs, and thumb-drives can all be used to steal data. Smartphones can as well. Find ways to stop hardware or software theft. Design access permissions and assure entry or exit involves some sort of checkpoint to avoid direct theft.

Classic Data Loss Through Cyberattack and/or Viruses Like Ransomware

Ransomware holds your data under encryption unless you pay a ransom, and often sneaks in through email. Cyberattacks can involve a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, brute force attack, or other tactics. Firewalls, antivirus software, and monitoring can help reduce risk from these factors.

Threats from Underhanded Insiders and Well-Meaning Employees Making Mistakes

As IT professionals note the greatest threats to your information develop internally from either deliberate espionage or simple user error. Protect against both as best you can.

Patching Up Known Vulnerabilities

Reduce physical theft through best practices on-site pertaining to hardware and software acquisition, storage, and management. At Total Technology Solutions, we can help you reduce vulnerability to cyberattacks as well as viral impact. Lastly, we help reduce internal threats. To learn more about methods data breach can be prevented, contact our IT support team in Long Island.

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