July 30

Preventing Data Loss with IT Support in Long Island

One of the key reasons businesses outsource to IT support providers in Long Island is for strong data protection. A company that doesn’t make regular backups is extremely vulnerable to data loss. By contrast, a company that regularly backs up data and takes other proactive approaches has a much better chance at success.

Why Data Backups are Essential

Backing up data frequently ensures you’ll always have access to all files. A company that avoids making fresh backups is at risk of losing valuable data, which can lead to major problems, including hurting the firm’s image with customers. By delegating backups to your IT support team in Long Island, you’ll be more prepared for a disaster.

Be aware that over 90% of companies that face data loss are unable to survive, often due to lawsuits and other high costs of a breach or disruption. Many of these firms, however, could have survived had they updated backups on a regular basis.

How Data Gets Lost

  • Employee error
  • Viruses, malware, and other bugs
  • Hardware or software damage
  • Security breach by hackers
  • Power outages and natural disasters

Maximizing Data Protection

The best way to protect data is to conduct backups as often as possible. To further protect data so that it’s easy to recover in a disaster, data should be stored in at least three places, with one location being offsite. Storing data on a private cloud server that only serves your company is far more secure than on a public server that shares space with multiple businesses. Here are other steps to protect your data:

  • Limit access to certain employees
  • Partition your hard drive into zones
  • Perform defragmentation
  • Maintain computers in a safe, dry and clean environment
  • Use antivirus and other cybersecurity layers

The cost of data loss can range from thousands to millions of dollars. To avoid such fiascos, consider employing an IT support provider in Long Island. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how we can make your data more safe so that you can focus on reaching your business goals.

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