November 25

Prevent Various Phishing Scams with IT Consulting in Long Island

IT consulting experts in Long Island regularly help clients who’ve fallen victim to phishing attacks. Phishing is when cybercriminals use a variety of false pretenses to trick email recipients into rendering privileged information, transferring funds, or otherwise providing data they should not.

Working with an IT consultant in Long Island can help you determine where your specific vulnerabilities lie. Common phishing scams include basic deception, “spear” phishing, and attacks targeting CEOs.

Basic deception was outlined earlier: someone may pretend they’re someone they aren’t to gain unauthorized information. Spear phishing is when upper management is targeted, and specific phishing against CEOs and other company leaders is also common. To safeguard against such attacks, consider the following:

Educate Particularly Susceptible Phishing “Targets”

IT consulting experts in Long Island advise businesses to find who’s most likely to be impacted by a phishing scam and carefully educate them. End users who don’t have a lot of responsibility may have data access that can allow sneaky hackers to infiltrate the most intimate layers of your network. Educate anyone with network access and refresh that education at intervals to anticipate new scams.

Be Sure Upper Management and Leadership are Educated

Assure you don’t neglect to educate upper management and other leadership personnel. Spear phishing and directed phishing attacks will likely impact the surface area of leadership in the fullness of time.

Multiple Security Layers, MFA, and Review of Financial Processes

An IT consultant in Long Island can help secure operations at multiple levels to keep phishing scams from impacting you. Multi-Factor Authentication, or MFA, requires two layers of authentication for network access. It can be a wise addition for mobile infrastructure. Also, review financial processes to assure they’re Phishing-proofed.

Don’t Get Phished

IT consulting experts in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you identify common phishing scams so you can institute effective preventative measures like comprehensive education, multiple security layers, MFA, and financial process optimization. Contact us for more information on phishing and how you should protect yourself.

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