November 18

How to Prevent a Business Email Breach with Cyber Security on Long Island

Most people assume their email is safe, especially if it is a business email account. However, business emails are compromised with surprising regularity. Unfortunately, it looks like email attacks will only continue to increase in frequency as time progresses. Such attacks are highly targeted, zeroing in on specific individuals within businesses and other organizations. Our cyber security experts on Long Island are here to help you avoid such an attack and keep your business operating like a well-oiled machine.

Why Email Attacks are Successful

Part of the reason why email attacks are successful is the fact that they target individual people. Fraudsters have become quite skilled at impersonating others to make it appear as though an email is from a higher-up within a business or even a client. Unfortunately, email attacks are not sent in high volumes, so they won’t be detected by anti-spam technology. Furthermore, such attacks do not have a payload. The request made by the evildoer within the content of the email is the sole malicious information. There is no virus included in the attachment or URL. Therefore, antivirus tech does not attempt to detect such attacks. Above all, email attacks zero in on pilfering data through a seemingly polite request, banking on the target’s willingness to be nice, do a favor and help others.

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How to Prevent Your Business Email from Being Compromised

Every business should have a multi-layered security defense to thwart email attacks prior to the point at which they can reach the individuals that require protection. Our cyber security team on Long Island is here to improve your team’s digital security awareness through in-depth training. It will also help to implement email authentication. This security layer helps verify identities and prevent fraudulent messages from making it through the gateway.

Review Your Current Protocols

Take a close look at your company’s current procedures, processes, and separation of responsibilities for important transactions such as financial transfers. If necessary, implement additional security controls. Revisit risk reviews down the line at regular intervals as there is also the potential for insider threats to compromise protections.

Review and Improve Phish Reporting and Incident Management

Review, improve, and test incident management as well as phish reporting systems. Once expectations for business processes are clear, run some test simulations of various incident scenarios to identify and improve upon weak points.

We are Here to Help

If your business email has been breached or if you have another digital security challenge, let our cyber security experts on Long Island help. Reach out to us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about our digital security services and schedule an appointment.

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