July 12

Picking the Right Cloud Service Provider and IT Support on Long Island

In this era of the internet of things, most businesses are going for cloud storage services, which is a great thing because cloud storage has shown great reliability since its inception. However, with so many cloud providers sprouting each day, it is challenging for users to pick one who meets their needs succinctly. If you are stuck, seek IT support on Long Island and read on to know what to look for.

What Problems Have Been Faced by Previous Users?

There are many things that could go wrong when you are migrating from your current provider to the new one: you could lose data, the providers might be incompatible, or some of your data might end up distorted or disorganized. You need, therefore, to check reviews from users to identify some of the problems they have faced and how they tackled them. If users have more complains than praises about a certain provider, it is best you choose another provider or seek IT support on Long Island.

Does the Provider Offer Dedicated or Shared Storage?

You will find it faster to access your data if your provider does not share hardware resources between clients and instead dedicates resources just for you. This is more like when you are having managed IT services on Long Island and you know your IT support takes care of your needs any time you need them to.

What Resources Does the Provider Have?

A good data center should accommodate all your needs. This means that not only should you have enough storage space when you need it, but also have a horde of features that make it easier for you to access or retrieve data. The data center should also have enough physical and online security measures and different ways to tackle redundancies and slow loading times.

Still, on resources, you need to ask the bandwidth needed for you to access your data efficiently. However, your ISP download and upload speeds will also matter.

How Secure Is Your Data with a Given Cloud Provider?

Security of your firm matters. If you feel part of your online or physical security is threatened, you need to seek the assistance of IT experts. One of the questions you should ask is whether your private data will be redundant across many data centers. The answer to that question will help you assess the level of security you get with a given firm.

You also need to ask how long it takes to recover your data if the provider’s systems crashed. To ensure they have your best interest, ask the provider whether they have secondary backups and how often they test their secondary backups.

If you can’t still choose the right IT support provider for your Long Island business, start choosing Total Technology Solutions. We provide a wide array of IT solutions, and we can tailor our services to suit your business needs. Contact us now and start experiencing the benefits of our IT services.

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