December 28

Patch Management Through IT Support in Long Island Effectively Safeguards Systems

No More Tears

IT support in Long Island often provides patch management solutions. These solutions save diverse companies from substantial losses incurred from cyber-criminals. There are a lot of cyber security solutions, using patches, that aren’t integral to operations. Not employing them in a sustainable way can really cost you. Just consider WannaCry. If you’re not familiar, this was a ransomware worm that made a worldwide circuit through more than 150 countries in May of 2017. Even more amazing is how quickly it was developed.

In March of 2017, it was leaked that the NSA had built a backdoor into Windows machines for purposes of surveillance. This happened in the latter half of March and by the early part of May hackers had taken that information and created one of the most damaging ransomware worms in history. Why? Well, this worm didn’t need to be downloaded through poor employee practice to infect your system. It entered business networks through their Server Message Block (SMB) port. Businesses who had automatic patching solutions were able to get the anti-WannaCry software installed so that their systems were safeguarded from the virus. More situations like this are going to come down the technology pipeline. If you want to ensure your business is as secure as possible, you need to employ patching solutions. Advantages include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Automatic Patch Updates
  • Resource Management That’s Effective
  • Failure Avoidance
  • The Latest Techniques

Automatic Patch Updates

IT support in Long Island can make it so your system gets the patches it needs as soon as they become necessary and available. Automatic patch updates install protective software immediately. There’s no better option, in terms of sustainable security, when you get right down to it.

Resource Management That’s Effective

Patches are a means of mitigating the management of your technology assets through means of security. If you don’t automate patches, at the very least, you want an MSP who provides them regularly who will notify you when new patch solutions are available. Whether you’re a large business or a small one, you’re going to need patches, eventually. Support is cost-effectively available from most tech providers.

Failure Avoidance

If you’ve got patches in place, viral trends won’t knock your business into the “sick bay” of technical difficulty. Think of automatic patches like digital inoculation and the picture gets even more clear. An inoculation fortifies you against future illness and patches do the same thing. They, also, have no collateral side effects that could compromise your system’s operation.

The Latest Techniques

The nature of patch management is providing cutting-edge and developing protections as they arise. This becomes the prerogative of tech companies making such software available. If you’re going the automatic route, you’re always going to have the latest protections for your system the moment they’re available.

Upgrading Network Security

IT support in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can provide you automatic patch management, cost-effectively. Contact us for sustainable security solutions and more.

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