September 6

Overcome Common Remote Employee Issues with the Help of IT Support Experts in Long Island

Remote Operations Have Unique Challenges

IT support providers in Long Island has had to help countless businesses make the shift from traditional, on-site infrastructure to remote solutions owing to COVID-19.

This comes with its own unique challenges as regard security, and if you’re going to function profitably, such things need to be considered.

Issues of Note, and Tactics to Manage Them

IT consultants in Long Island can help you determine areas of vulnerability and institute specific measures to counterbalance them. A few areas to consider and prepare for proactively include:

Facilitating Secure Remote Access

IT support experts in Long Island can help you both establish and secure remote access. If you’ve got a cloud network or other VPN solution, you want to assure trusted connections are used to remotely interface with that network.

Certain verification protocols need to be established, as well as associated best practices. Sometimes WiFi isn’t trustworthy, and will compromise your network. MSP solutions can help you avoid this.

Securing Mobile Devices and Contending with Shadow IT

Mobile devices need to be monitored, and you need to avoid shadow IT wherever possible. Shadow IT might impact your network in the form of a third-party application employees use to streamline spreadsheets or something similar pertaining to their daily grind. You need to assure remote employees only use hardware and software that is approved.

Automated Updates for Security

IT professionals can help you institute automated firewall, antivirus, and monitoring options. Should anomalies develop, automated systems can notify MSP professionals so the issue can be resolved almost immediately. With security solutions for remote infrastructure, the more swift and effective such solutions can be, the better.

Establishing Secure Remote Operations

Our IT support team in Long Island at Total Technology Solutions can help you facilitate secure access, automate security, and safeguard operations from hidden tech resources that aren’t sanctioned. To learn more about establishing and securing remote operations, get in touch with us.

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