July 7

Outsourced IT Consulting in Long Island Represents Better Tech Security Solutions Than Most Internal Efforts Can

IT consulting company in Long Island can keep your business perpetually protected against cybercrime. Security is a set of moving goal-posts, and there’s no way around it. Unless you can afford to produce security solutions for the latest threats as they develop, you’re always going to be behind.

The Market Today

Whole countries have thrown their hat into the digital black market. The WannaCry worm which affected over 150 countries with ransomware exploiting an NSA back door in Microsoft devices came from North Korea. Some “bad actors” in the black hat tech industry have government funding behind them.

Certainly, seek internal protections, but again, working with IT specialists is going to provide better protection against such threats more cost-effectively. Basically, here’s what you’re contending with:

Profoundly Expansive External Threats

Just crunch the numbers. The global cybercrime industry is expected to reach $6 trillion by 2021. Presently, the global tech industry in the public sphere is valued at $5 trillion. Now there are less than two years separating these figures, so the takeaway is: presently, the black market tech industry and the primary tech industry are neck and neck.

Being Specifically Targeted

Compounding this reality is the fact that cybercriminal enterprises commonly target SMBs owing to their increased vulnerability.

Internal Limitations

If you’re going to stand any kind of chance, IT consulting in Long Island is essential. Internal solutions will be limited by the budgetary constraints of your business’s core needs. Unless you’re specializing in tech, outsourcing will be cheaper.

Safeguarding Your Business

Working with IT consulting company in Long Island can help you determine precisely where your vulnerabilities lie so that you can more effectively safeguard sensitive data. This may involve a penetration test. Basically, a tech professional at an MSP will probe your operation for vulnerabilities to determine where technological security architecture is necessary. Contact our IT support in Long Island at Total Technology Solutions for more information.

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