March 24

Outline an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan with IT Consulting in Long Island

IT consulting firms in Long Island are always going to advise that you acquire top-tier redundancy solutions in terms of tech security. You need backups for your backups— and backups for those, too. The 3-2-1 rule is important, but it’s not the totality of disaster recovery efforts your business should make. IT support firms in Long Island often advise a certain conglomeration of services regularly upgraded. Strategies you should follow for most comprehensive security include:

Know Limitations and Associated Disaster Impact Costs

IT consulting firms in Long Island should be comprehensive, but you must be balanced in terms of budget, too. Know the limitations of your resources, and how long you can function before you absorb losses when an unplanned outage transpires. Budget for two things: “treading water” resources while the problem gets fixed, and security comprehensive enough to get operations fixed such that you don’t “drown” in losses.

Understand Which Risks You’re in Danger of

Bear spray won’t save you from a sniper. A sniper rifle may not save you from a bomb. A firewall can’t protect you against a disgruntled employee facilitating some level of underhanded corporate espionage.

You’ve got to put in place the kind of tech protections which match the risks of your environment. Additional protections are good but start with integral fortifications first. IT support in Long Island can be ideal in helping you get the balance right, here.

Develop Plans of Recovery

Once you know limitations, impact costs, and associated risks of your operational environment, you’ve got foundations requisite to build a comprehensive security plan from.

IT consulting firms in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you identify limitations and loss costs, know which risks you need to be savvy of, and plan accordingly. Today’s tech environment is in continual shift and getting your disaster preparedness strategies lined out is something which is better done sooner, rather than later.

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