June 25

Our IT Support Team on Long Island Explains the Source of Your Greatest IT Threat

With the rise in cases of firms falling prey to cybercriminals, it is important for you to do an audit or rather self-reflect to see if your firm is safe. Don’t be too confident thinking that what has befallen other firms in the past cannot befall your growing firm. Also, don’t hide behind the false assumption that hackers and cybercriminals will not target your firm because you are “small fish.” In our experience as an IT support provider on Long Island, we have discovered that hackers do not discriminate firms when it comes to launching their attacks; they target small, medium and large firms alike. Further, we have also discovered that employees— yes even your own employees— can be the greatest threat to your IT security.

Reasons Why Your Employees Pose the Greatest IT Security Threat

  1. Their desire to get work done – Well, this seems positive right? But wait a minute— did you know that sometimes you might create cumbersome security protocols that make it difficult for your employees to have their work done? So, to go around this, your employees might decide to follow a shortcut to get work done disregarding security thereby exposing your entire IT infrastructure to cybercriminals.
  2. Failure to understand security risk – Don’t assume that all employees are cognizant of the myriad of threats that your firm faces in the cyberspace. Unlike most providers of managed IT on Long Island whose core competency is in IT, your firm might be having a competency that is not in IT and as thus, not all your employees will have the IT competency needed to fully understand IT security risk.
  3. Employees can easily fall prey to social engineering – One of the recent cases we handled as an IT support provider on Long Island involved an employee who had given some confidential company information to a caller who has masqueraded as some IT personnel from the firm. What followed was an attempted hack of the company’s IT infrastructure. Lucky for them, they came to us in good time and we were able to arrest the situation and stopped the attack before real harm was done.

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How to Remedy the Situation?

As has been explained in the example provided above, that client was one of the lucky ones because they reached out to us in good time. Here is what you can do to reduce the chances of your employees exposing your IT infrastructure to cybercriminals:

  • Train them and explain to them the importance of following laid down security protocols
  • Issue passwords that restrict what part of your network certain employees can access

Closing Remark

At Total Technology Solutions, we are a committed IT support provider on Long Island ready to help you train your employees on the basics of cybersecurity. We also offer cybersecurity solutions to keep your firm safe. Talk to us today to learn more.

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