August 3

Our IT Support Team on Long Island Can Give You On-Site and Remote Support During These Trying Times

Technical experts play an essential role in facilitating the transition to working from remote locations and maintaining operational integrity during the coronavirus pandemic. Remote work is now becoming the norm as people attempt to social distance in order to halt the spread of the virus. However, the transition to remote work has changed the manner in which IT support providers on Long Island perform on-site visits and other duties.

Changes to IT in Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic

On-site visits to address IT challenges amidst the coronavirus pandemic are still necessary to combat cybersecurity threats, upgrade or replace equipment, and troubleshoot tech issues. Our IT support team on Long Island practice social distancing when attending to such matters.

Our crew follows all of the recommended health guidelines including wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer, and washing our hands. Perhaps most importantly, we go out of our way to remain socially distanced just in case one of our team members or a client has the coronavirus. We do our best to maintain at least six feet of distance between our team members and clients at all times.

Remote Support When Possible

If possible, our managed IT team on Long Island will provide remote support as opposed to in-person support. However, there are some matters that require in-person support at the client’s place of business. If possible, we will attempt to solve the problem in question by providing assistance over the phone or through video chat.

We acknowledge some minor tech problems can be remedied with a simple “how-to” communicated over the phone by our tech crew. This is a stark contrast to many other IT service providers that go out of their way to dramatize client tech challenges in order to justify the cost of their in-person service.

Is Your IT Team Exhausting All Avenues of Support During This Trying Times?

If you are even slightly concerned your IT support provider is not giving their all during these difficult times, do not hesitate to pivot to a new provider. Our team is here to handle your tech challenges both in-person at your office and also remotely. We will find a way to rectify your tech problems no matter what.

So if you need IT support, look no further than Total Technology Solutions. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance with your IT. Our IT support team on Long Island is ready to serve you!

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