June 22

Our IT Consulting on Long Island Team Explains How to Tell If Your Business Tech Is a Problem

Your company’s efficiency largely hinges on the quality of your technology. If you are reliant on outdated or malfunctioning technology, your operational efficiency will slow, alienating both clients and employees. Though spending for upgraded technology certainly costs money, it is well worth it. As our IT consulting team on Long Island observes, businesses that invest in technology enjoy enhanced speed, security, and efficiency.

Speed Matters

Computer processing speeds double every couple of years. If your business is still reliant upon computers that are more than a couple years old, it is time to make a change. Aside from enhanced speed, upgrading to a new computer is also beneficial in that it provides a litany of new features, many of which will help your business achieve its true potential. Furthermore, a new computer will provide enhanced storage to boot. However, if you find your computing speed is still slow, our managed services professionals on Long Island can help ramp up efficiency, ensuring you get the most out of your tech investment.

Upgrade Technology for Enhanced Security

Security is another important reason to upgrade technology. Updated tech is that much safer. Outdated tech provides hackers with the opportunity to monitor and capture keystrokes. Even an outdated web browser puts sensitive information at risk. Stay up-to-date with your browser and computing devices and your data will prove more secure.
In fact, you might not even have the option to use outdated software at a certain point. As an example, Microsoft halted the use of older versions of its web browser (Internet Explorer), ultimately replacing it with Microsoft Edge. Microsoft has also gone as far as forcing users of antiquated operating systems to upgrade in order to receive support.

Pay for new tech tools, or at least an upgrade, continue to update them and they will ultimately pay for themselves across posterity with a reduction in vulnerability along with an uptick in speed. Furthermore, you might even be eligible for a tax break after purchasing new tech for your company.

It Is Time to Streamline

Streamlining technology makes tech tools work safer and faster. Do not be intimidated by this challenge. If you are unsure as to what to keep and what to eliminate in terms of programs, our IT consulting team on Long Island is here to provide guidance. Eliminate unused apps and software and your computers really will run quicker and more efficiently. Cut out the bloatware, keep what matters and you will enjoy a friction-free computing experience.

Our IT consulting team on Long Island can help you ensure your tech helps your business fulfill its true potential. Get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions to find out more about our services and schedule an initial consultation.

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