April 30

Our IT Consulting Team on Long Island Provides a Look at the Magic Behind Computer Reboots

Most people wonder why rebooting a computer fixes a seemingly endless number of problems yet never bother to research the “why” of the matter. Our IT consulting team on Long Island is here to demystify the magic of computer reboots once and for all. Without further adieu, let’s take a look at why rebooting your Windows, Mac, Android, iPad or other computing device has the potential to solve its problems.

Certain Problems Necessitate a Restart

It is quite shocking to learn restarting a computer with the infamous “blue screen of death” has the potential to get the computer back up and running again. Such blue screens are typically the result of an error, possibly stemming from a hardware malfunction or a hardware driver issue. This is precisely why Windows computers are programmed to gather data about the problem when the blue screen is shown and subsequently restart the computer on the user’s behalf.

Windows computers are even capable of restarting faulty drivers to correct visual effect problems. However, the majority of such problems still require a manual restart of the computing device for the problem to be properly remedied. In case a manual reset does not solve the problem for you, you can reach out to our managed services team on Long Island to help you.

Instances When Restarts Work

If your computer’s Windows operating system is operating slower than expected, a program might use all but 1% of the CPU, sucking up essential computing resources. Reboot your computer, and it is likely to work. Wireless internet problems might be attributable to an issue with the router or modem. Reset the router by unplugging it then plugging it back in, and it is likely to function as it should. In fact, restarting the Firefox web browser will purge its unnecessary memory, helping the browser function as designed. However, there will inevitably be some instances in which restarting does not work as expected. When in doubt, consult with our IT consulting team on Long Island for assistance, and we will get to the bottom of your tech problems.

The Difference Between a Hard and Soft Reset

When it comes to mobile devices, there are two distinct reset types. Soft resets are a restart of the device in a “normal” manner, meaning turning it off then turning it on. Alternatively, a hard reset is a resetting of the software to the factory default setting. Consider a situation in which the computer does not boot up or is laden with malware. Merely restarting the computer does not address the underlying problem as the issue is centered on the computer hard drive files’ corruption or malware loading at the point of startup. In such a situation, the reinstallation of Windows wipes the computer hard drive, restoring it to its previously clean state. This approach is more efficient that looking through the entirety of the computer hard drive in an attempt to pinpoint the specific reason for the problem at hand.

Total Technology Solutions is Here to Help You!

The moral of the story is when in doubt, reboot your computer. However, there are some instances when a reboot will not solve your computer problems. At Total Technology Solutions, our IT consulting experts on Long Island will lend essential assistance when you need it the most. Contact us now and let us know how we can help you!

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