June 10

Our Cyber Security Team on Long Island Explains Ransomware

Ransomware is just about the worst hack as it prevents your team from using their computers and the network as a whole. Can you imagine your entire network being held captive until you paid a ransom in the form of Bitcoin? This is the nightmare that is ransomware. Prepare ahead of time with the assistance of our cyber security team on Long Island and you will be ready for ransomware attacks as well as other digital threats.

The Basics of Ransomware

Ransomware is malicious software installed on a computer through download. The user has no idea he or she is downloading this software. Malware is either disguised as another type of software or is hidden within links. If a single computer on your workplace network downloads ransomware, it will take root and encrypt files it accesses. Every single business is at risk for ransomware, regardless of its niche, size or other factors. In fact, some such attacks are not specifically targeted on a single entity. Unfortunately, small businesses are targeted at a particularly high frequency as they lack the protective measures and budget of comparably larger businesses.

How to Prevent a Ransomware Infiltration

The most important thing you can do to prevent your network from being locked up by ransomware is ask for assistance from our cyber security team on Long Island. We will educate your employees on cyber security, implement appropriate defenses and customize a disaster recovery plan in the event of a successful attack. It will also help to install and regularly update your antivirus package with regularity.

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Be sure to back up your files just in case a ransomware attack becomes successful. Above all, your team should be cautious when using the web at work. A seemingly harmless link or download might contain ransomware that ends up proving costly and incredibly frustrating.

Be Highly Selective When Choosing Ransomware Protection

No two antivirus programs are the same. There are some dedicated anti-malware packages, yet such supposed protections will not help your business combat other types of infections. There is no sense paying for a series of dedicated protections when antivirus software programs are available to combat all different types of threats. When in doubt, ask for the assistance of our cyber security aficionados in Long Island and you will rest easy knowing your anti-malware program will prove effective against ransomware and additional cyber threats.

At Total Technology Solutions, our cyber security team on Long Island can help you prevent a ransomware attack. Let us review and improve your digital safeguards to ensure your business does not fall prey to ransomware attacks and other hacks. Contact us to learn more.

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