October 8

Nurturing Server “Musculature” with the “Nutrients” of Security | Cyber Security in New York

If leadership represents the brains of your business and human capital is its heart, then the muscular structure of the body of your business is IT. Without properly maintaining IT, your business becomes steadily less capable. Keeping it “in shape” assures effectiveness and strength in operations.

Cyber security service providers in New York help with things like server maintenance as a trainer helps you get in shape at the gym. Server security is ensuring your business musculature isn’t hampered by anything “unhealthy”. With that in mind, following we’ll explore several server security best practices to help keep your business “fit”:

Keep Pace with Security Patches and Other Updates

Cyber security professionals in New York advise, as one form of IT muscular “nutrients”, the automation of patches and other security updates. Just as nutritionists will change your caloric intake, and the supplements you use to help build musculature, IT security experts advise having the latest patches installed as soon as they’re available (and where appropriate, of course).

“Harden” the “Image” of Your Network

When you hit the gym, muscles become more rigid and strong. The term “hard bodies” defines those who are extremely fit–but this takes work. Similarly, hardening the “image” of a server network–the core data defining it–is challenging. Vulnerabilities must be found and systematically eliminated. Having IT support is fundamental in achieving this.

Clearly Define Access Protocols

Only those who need access should have it. With exercise, you only eat what you need, you don’t over-indulge. Too much access is like an over-indulgence, and it can make security of your network less than optimal. Categorize information appropriately, and similarly tier access so only qualified personnel can access information that is critical to successful operations.

Enabling the Body of Your Business to Succeed

Working with cyber security experts can help the body of your New York business attain secure digital “fitness” in a variety of ways, chief among them is proper server maintenance. Server “images” defining your network need to be hardened against vulnerability. Access protocols need to be clearly defined, and security patches or other updates should be automated as it’s possible. Get in touch with us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more.

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