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Why You Need IT Support on Long Island for Data Loss Prevention

Without an IT support provider on Long Island or an in-house technician, your business risks becoming extinct overnight. All it takes is one security breach to take down a company, especially if it has no modern security solutions.

Why You Can’t Avoid Backup and Disaster Recovery

In the nineties, after the internet became part of every household and office, many businesses were able to get away with minimal security. But in the past decade, cybercriminals have become more advanced and are able to crack even the most sophisticated technology. The key to guarding against these threats is to use multi-layered security and a sound backup and disaster recovery plan.

If you suffer a breach but you have no backups, how are you going to run your business? If you’re serious about longevity, then you have no choice but to back up your data at least weekly so that you can maintain business continuity if you have a power outage or get attacked by hackers. Establishing a backup plan will give you peace of mind that your company won’t be taken down by an employee accidentally clicking an infected email.

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Run Practice Drills

An IT support provider on Long Island can run practice drills of your disaster recovery plan to make sure that you are prepared for any type of catastrophe, whether it’s manmade or due to nature. These drills will help your support team improve your plan and it may even help spot vulnerabilities that demand immediate attention for maintenance. Practice drills involve testing applications and files, as well as how smooth and quickly you can switch to a backup server.

Know Your System and Limitations

A key to reliable data recovery on Long Island is to learn the strengths and weaknesses of your primary and backup systems. Knowing what to expect will help you save time in a real emergency. You should also be aware of how hackers operate, which can involve stalking your system for months by getting to know employees on a friendly basis. Make sure your employees are aware of how email phishing schemes can trick them into clicking malicious links. Pay attention to your budget to make sure you are not overspending on proactive maintenance.

Failing to back up your data regularly is equivalent to planning for excessive downtime. Working with an IT support provider on Long Island will help you design a backup and recovery plan that works for your company. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions for more information about how we can protect your data.

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