February 15

Do You Need an IT Consulting Firm in Long Island for Network Vulnerability Analysis?

If your business relies on computers and the internet for daily operations, you should think about hiring an IT consulting firm in Long Island to perform a vulnerability analysis of your network. In general, the advances in technology and the improvements in commercial internet setups have made numerous business processes fast, convenient, and inexpensive. Unfortunately, with these benefits, there is the growing threat of insecurities such as cyber-attacks and company data breaches.
Therefore, if you are running any business, you should commission a vulnerability assessment of your network. This is a process which is designed to help you identify the vulnerabilities, weaknesses or defects in your network. The goal of the process is to discover the security holes in your computer setup, analyze and document their nature, report the issue to the management and perform repairs before a malicious individual or organization attacks.

Potential Threats to Your Business

There are numerous threats to your business, and their exact nature will depend on the industry in which you are involved. It is important to understand the potential risks that your network faces. This information will be critical in helping you establish a premise for vulnerability analysis and reinforce your network to prevent compromise. If you are uncertain about your risks, you should discuss your concerns with a reliable IT consulting expert in Long Island. The most common and widespread threats to small and medium-sized businesses are ransomware and scams.

What is Ransomware?

More business owners and managers have become more aware of the consequences of ransomware due to the increased number of related cyber-attacks. This malicious software is typically in the form of cryptoware, and it is designed to encrypt data after infiltrating a target network. The sender of the malware or the hacker will attach a message demanding payment for the decryption key. This type of attack causes data loss and will cause extensive inconvenience and losses.

Social Engineering Scams

Scams can lead to loss of money and business reputation. In the past, the attempts were crude and obvious to a sharp mind. Unfortunately, times have changed, and scammers have gained sophisticated technology and social engineering tricks to ensure success. In most cases, these malicious persons will spoof emails to make them appear like they come from trustworthy figures in the company or external business partners. In this way, they can obtain critical and confidential information.

Performing Your Security Assessment

The most critical process for your vulnerability analysis project is identifying the elements in your business network which are at risk. With this information, you can have your IT services provider reinforce your security measures. Ideally, you should list all the elements which could put you or your customers at risk in the event of an attack. For example, hackers will target client bank information, employee social security numbers and secret trade data. You should examine your current security protocols and determine whether they will protect your information or leave you exposed.
Assessing the vulnerabilities in your commercial network without the assistance of a qualified IT consulting expert in Long Island can be challenging. Therefore, you should contact one of our experienced experts at Total Technology Solutions for assistance. Let us help you keep safe from cyber-attacks.

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