May 24

Why You Need IT Consulting in Long Island for Your Financial Firm’s Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Disaster recovery in the cloud is part of strategic measures that businesses employ to ensure that their systems are secured in case of an IT disaster. An IT disaster can happen at any time. Having a backup and disaster recovery option at hand will help your firm bounce back from the disaster and resume its operations within the shortest time possible. Today, there are many sources of vulnerabilities that face businesses. Banks and other financial institutions have not been exempted from these disasters. To secure your firm and ensure that you are able to resume operations within the shortest time possible, you will need to partner with an IT consulting firm in Long Island offering disaster recovery services in the cloud.

Why is Disaster Recovery Important for Financial Institutions?

Unlike other businesses, financial institutions must invest in disaster recovery because:

  • Government regulations require financial institutions and other financial services providers to have a robust disaster recovery plan as part of their compliance.
  • Customers who deposit their monies in such firms require unrestricted access to their customer portals on a 25/7/365 basis.
  • Availability and uptime is critical to the firm’s day to day operations.

How an IT Consulting Firm Can Help You Meet Your DR Objectives

As a financial business, IT might not be your core competency. Here are some of the benefits that will come from such a relationship:

  • Peace of mind – Partnering with an IT consulting firm in Long Island will afford you a peace of mind knowing that there is an expert looking after your IT-related operations.
  • Proactive security – In this era where hackers are actively looking for vulnerabilities to explore and infect corporate networks, it is important to have a professional firm scanning and monitoring your corporate network to ensure that all signs of vulnerabilities are dealt with before hackers can gain access.
  • Faster backup and recovery in the cloud – The cloud makes it possible for firms such as yours to back up their mission-critical data to the cloud and retrieve this data when needed. In the event that your firm suffers from an attack and you lose the corporate data from your computer system, your IT service provider can help you restore the data through their data recovery service in Long Island.

Why You Should Partner with Us

At Total Technology Solutions, we believe that your business deserves the best. We are a leading IT consulting firm in Long Island ready to help your firm enjoy the convenience of disaster recovery in the cloud. Contact us today for more details.

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