September 6

Modernizing Your Law Firm’s Disaster Recovery Plan with IT Consulting in Long Island

Law firms count revenue by the hour. For every hour an attorney cannot work, revenue is lost. Technology plays a major role in the legal world today, with most documents stored in digital format. Unfortunately, technology breaks down and it could put your law firm into a bind. That is why disaster recovery planning for your law firm is so critical, and finding the right IT consulting firm in Long Island to help you with it is even more important.

Critical Issues to Address in Law Firm DRP

Most people relate the word disaster to natural events that cause considerable damage. While natural disasters are a real threat, most events which cause downtime are accidental or malicious in nature. Think phishing emails or malware attacks.

No matter what kind of disaster happens, however, it is important to make sure your law firm’s disaster recovery plan covers key issues to minimize the loss of profitable worktime. Let’s look at the five questions you need to answer in your DRP:

1. How long will it take to get your key systems back up and running after a disaster strikes?

Time is money in the legal world— that is why your key systems should be back up and running as soon as possible. A managed IT services provider in Long Island can help you with this.

2. Is your DRP comprehensive enough to ensure a successful recovery?

Your backup system should be real-time. That way, when disaster hits, you can recover all data and get everyone in the firm back to work.

3. Does your planning ensure both your data and your email have adequate protection?

A lot of firms focus on data protection. However, with so much information sent via email, protecting it is just as critical for a successful recovery— that’s why you need an IT consulting firm in Long Island to help you prepare your DRP.

4. Worst case scenario, how much data will you lose?

A natural disaster wipes out your office. How much of your critical data will be lost in the process? Ideally, the answer would be 0%.

5. How can your law firm continue daily operations if the network is down?

A network outage is a common occurrence. Do you have a plan so everyone can keep working while the network undergoes repairs?

Answering these questions will help your law firm avoid a disaster of almost any kind. It is also critical to test your disaster recovery plan at least a couple of times each year to ensure it still works. Make your plan a living thing that is continuously updated as technology changes. For more information or assistance with your disaster recovery planning, contact us at Total Technology Solutions. We are the experts in IT consulting Long Island businesses can trust.

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