September 12

How Modern Cyber Security Solutions in New York Can Protect Your Business

Businesses should make cyber security in New York a major deciding factor. A company that allows employees bring their own mobile devices is particularly vulnerable to cyber threats unless it takes proactive steps to protect the privacy of the network. Here are ways that modern security solutions can protect your business:

Why Mobile Environments are Vulnerable

Any competent business understands that even the most complex security software can fail to stop cybercriminals. That is why you need more than just antivirus software for your cyber security strategy in New York. The problem with a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy is that you will be dealing with a mix of different devices and operating systems, along with various security solutions.
Hackers like to target BYOD workplaces, hoping that policies are loose, so they can prey upon devices with weak security. They might find out about a business that uses plenty of mobility from social media posts.

Network Monitoring

If you do not track each of those mobile devices, there is no way of knowing which devices on the network belong to employees and which ones hackers use. The solution is to use multiple layers of security so that you make it as hard as possible for attackers to penetrate your digital assets.
An effective way to monitor your network in a BYOD environment is with mobile device management (MDM) or enterprise mobility management (EMM) software. This technology allows you to deploy Digital Certificates on mobile devices that have been approved for network access.

Digital Certificates

This is an alternative to using passwords. It will save your employees from having to remember complex passwords or use a universal password for multiple accounts. The value of digital certificates on mobile devices is that members can use them to encrypt and digitally sign emails sent from their devices.
Digital certificates are configured with a public key infrastructure (PKI), which allows you to set roles, policies, and procedures to determine how the certificate is created, stored, distributed, and managed. Once a certificate is installed on a mobile device, the user does not have to take any other steps. Other benefits of certificate-based authentication include:

  • Certificates are widely used and accepted in business
  • Affordable compared with other modern security solutions
  • Easy for it support technicians to set up
  • Not vulnerable to attacks, improving security
  • Work with most mobile platforms
  • Controlled from a centralized location
  • It is easy for administrators to issue, renew or revoke certificates

This solution is useful for keeping confidential information private. It also gives the recipient proof that the message came from you and not a hacker impersonating your email. Implementing Digital Certificates allows you to restrict devices without this authentication from your network. Your IT team can ensure that certificates are configured properly so that mobile devices can be used for multiple purposes in your workplace.


If your company is on the fence about letting employees bring their own mobile devices to work, consider teaming up with a company like Total Technology Solutionsto provide the necessary security layers. Effective cyber security in New York for BYOD workplaces includes digital certificates and MDM software. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make your network safer.

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