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Mobile Security Tips from IT Consulting Specialists in Long Island

Mobile devices are essential in modern businesses because they allow employees to be in touch with the operations while on the move. However, the use of these devices, including smartphones, notebooks, and tablets, presents significant risks to network security. Therefore, you should engage IT consulting experts in Long Island to help you protect your systems against cyber threats. In addition, consider the simple tips on reinforcing mobile devices security.

Enforce Security Policies

You should plan on creating and enforcing strict policies on the use of mobile devices in your commercial operations. Often, these devices leave the business open to attacks due to poor usage and irresponsible practices. You can request for assistance from your IT support company in Long Island when drafting and enforcing the rules. Remember to address critical issues such as mobile device ownership, access capabilities, password requirements, and personal-professional usage.

Plan for Remote Wiping

It is important to plan for a remote wipe in case the company’s mobile devices fall into the wrong hands. For instance, if an employee loses their smartphone, crucial business information could be revealed. The result would be loss of credibility, funds, and general decline. Therefore, you should have a setup where a device will be reset to factory settings if it goes missing. Wiping can also be useful when sending devices out for repairs or reselling old products.

Conduct Regular Audits

It is essential for you to conduct regular audits to guarantee continued optimal security for your mobile devices. In simple terms, you should conduct reviews and find any loopholes which could expose your company to security. Your IT consulting company in Long Island can help you understand if there are issues with user policy adherence. They can also check on the security configuration, limiting the detriments of intentional or accidental device settings modification.

If you would like to learn more about mobile device security and the benefits of professional IT consulting in Long Island, contact our experienced technicians at Total Technology Solutions today.

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