May 24

Menacing Cyber Security Threats, and How Cyber Security Experts in New York Can Protect Your Business Against Them

Cyber security professionals in New York advise that just because solutions have been put together against known threats doesn’t mean those old threats are no longer a danger. Black hat hackers are continuously updating software to be more effective for them, and those they serve.

Digital Threats Your Business Should Watch Out For

You should be aware of which threats have been revived under new iterations, and which ones are totally new. Several cyber threats you should need to prevent include the following:

Brute Force Attacks and Ransomware

Cyber security experts in New York advise the strongest password protection protocols to defer brute force attacks. These rely on cracking passcodes by process of elimination. If you’re always switching things up, you’ll be safer.

Ransomware, similarly, has become more sophisticated in recent years and can piggy-back on legitimate software into your network, locking you out of key files against a ransom. This is called “Fileless Malware“, and though it doesn’t primarily feature ransomware, it can.

An Expansion in IoT-Related Cybercrime

The Internet of Things can incorporate thousands of devices across larger businesses. Even smaller operations may have hundreds. Each new device increases vulnerability surface area for your business. Consultation and security solutions through managed security service providers (MSSPs) help you identify and curtail such vulnerabilities.

Malware Hidden in Software from Third-Party Vendors

This is an old tactic IT security providers strongly advise businesses to design protocols to offset. Essentially, malware is loaded onto cheap third-party apps, and then it waits until hackers activate it. New businesses, or those who have circulated new staff to management, often forget this is an issue. Even if you haven’t forgotten, what is and isn’t third-party is more nebulous today, making it easier for hackers to sneak malware into the background. Identify third-party software, and never use it.

New Threats Are Often Just Reinvented Tactics

Cyber security professionals in New York can help keep you apprised of the latest IT threats and how best to manage them. Brute force attacks have increased owing to poor password protection protocols. Ransomware is on the increase. IoT provides increased digital surface area vulnerabilities hackers exploit. Third-party malware is also a big problem right now. Consultation regarding the latest best practices in security against such threats is to be advised. Learn more by contacting us at Total Technology Solutions!

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