October 14

Maximize BYOD with IT Consulting in Long Island

IT consulting firms in Long Island commonly advises businesses large and small to consider decentralized infrastructural IT solutions such as cloud computing and BYOD. Bring Your Own Device protocols essentially make it so personnel can use their own devices to access a cloud desktop, allowing employees to work remotely.

IT support providers in Long Island can help you get BYOD live and running for your business, but there are vulnerabilities which are known and which you need to consider going forward. Several include the following:

Device Consolidation: DaaS?

IT consulting firms in Long Island commonly advise SMBs and even enterprises to consider BYOD owing to the increased productivity this operational paradigm is known to produce among personnel. However, though productivity expands, there can be this disconnect— personnel who bring their own devices commonly don’t bring the same devices.

This means some files may not be accessible on different operating systems. Device as a Service (DaaS) provides computers at a monthly subscription fee allowing you to consolidate hardware and software across operational infrastructure.

This is slightly pricier than BYOD, but cheaper than purchasing the hardware, and employee productivity increase expands productivity, overcoming such costs generally. It will certainly depend on your business.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

IT support providers in Long Island advise you to secure BYOD or DaaS operational paradigms with Multi-Factor Authentication for security reasons. Essentially, more than one device or “factor” is needed in verifying identity, keeping those who steal data from getting unauthorized access to a network.

RMM: Remote Monitoring and Management

Remote Monitoring and Management can allow you to update, shut down, or bar a device from your network, and is another key security feature you’ll need to properly manage BYOD with the least risk.

Determining If BYOD is Right for Your Business

IT consulting in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you determine if BYOD is right for you. RMM, MFA, and DaaS help you get the most secure profitability under such tech infrastructure. If you haven’t looked into BYOD before, you may want to; and you can certainly contact us for more information.

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