October 15

How Managed Security Services Can Improve the Cyber Security of Your New York Business

Modern-day businesses are overwhelmed by cyber security risks in New York, especially data breaches, and are turning to managed security service providers (MSSPs) to better secure their systems. With an MSSP, it is possible to strategize cyber security by investing in advanced technology and IT specialists. Thus, you’ll have the latest network infrastructure powered by intelligent cloud-based application for high-performance and resilience to cyber threats. As a result, you’ll achieve efficiency in monitoring your IT environment and stop threats before they occur.

Below are the major benefits of managed security services:

Proactive Network Protection and Maintenance

MSSPs focus on delivering high-performance network availability to protect your business from disruptions, which arise from cyber security breaches in New York. They provide you with network maintenance services for the quick implementation of upgrades and optimization of resources. In addition, they offer ongoing preventive checks with advanced threat protection (ATP) programs to improve your network setup.

Besides, they offer the latest network solutions containing hardware management tools for the configuration of VLANs and WAN to prevent system failures.

Increased Efficiency

With managed security services, your cyber security defense in New York will run as a centralized operation, which utilizes a virtual platform to host business applications. As a result, your employees will deliver optimum performance from anywhere. They’ll also have access to secure virtual services for data storage, backup, retrieval. Besides, centralized security management simplifies the upgrade of firewall and antivirus programs for fast implementation around the clock.

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Improved Risk Assessment and Mitigation

To thwart cyber security threats, you need continuous vulnerability scans. This implies that you’ll achieve accurate risk assessment and mitigation of both internal and external threats within your networks from databases to web applications. An MSSP will offer the tools for the proper structuring and deployment of scan vulnerability through up-to-date configuration changes, patches, and enforcing compliance policies; for example, the ever-changing regulations including GLBA, HIPAA, FISMA, SOX, and ISO. Doing so protects your business assets against security loopholes that facilitate hacking attempts.

Access to Best-of-Breed Cybersecurity Tools

With an in-house cybersecurity strategy, you’re limited to choosing a few tools out of the various options in the market. This implies labor-intensive threat hunting and extra analysis to tell apart false and true security alerts. However, with an MSSP, you’ll have leading-edge security tools for efficient and centralized solutions that integrate your entire network infrastructure for foolproof protection. For instance, you’ll benefit from endpoint protection and configuration management.

At Total Technology Solutions, we offer reliable cyber security solutions in New York to protect your business against cybercriminals. Contact us now to learn more.

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