February 7

How a Managed IT Services Provider in Long Island Can Protect Your Business against Ransomware

Managed IT services providers in Long Island keep up with the times and take proactive measures to prevent ransomware attacks. This type of cyber attack has become common among hackers as they freeze up computers and demand to be paid in cryptocurrency. Here are approaches that protect your business from cyber attacks:

Fixing Vulnerabilities

The first step in preventing an attack is to evaluate your system to detect vulnerabilities. IT experts use monitoring software to study all the devices accessing a network for suspicious activity. Many times, the root of these attacks is tied to employee error. All it takes is to click a wrong link for malware to invade a computer system.
One of the most vulnerable positions that an enterprise can put itself in is when it has no available backups. Failing to back up data regularly is one of the top reasons that companies get demolished by disasters. They put all their files on just one local server, then the hardware gets damaged and users can no longer access data.
Ransomware attackers often take their time staking out victims, sometimes over a period of several months. Their goal is to gather information about the individual so that they can impersonate a trusted source with a personalized message. After an employee is tricked into clicking a malicious link, the ransomware downloads on the victim’s computer, denying them access to resources.
If the company has done its job making sure all its files are regularly backed up, then there is no need to respond to the hacker’s demands. For those unfortunate companies that haven’t made fresh backups, they may have to pay the ransom money to get access to their digital assets back. Law enforcement authorities, however, do not recommend giving in to hacker demands.

Establishing a Recovery Plan

Another essential way that a managed IT services provider in Long Island can help protect client resources is to create a disaster recovery plan. This plan is set up to specify actions that occur in the event of an emergency. The goal is to maintain business continuity even during a major distraction such as a cyber attack or a natural disaster.
A disaster recovery plan must be tested periodically to make sure that the company is well prepared for any type of problem that may slow down business. The plan ensures that the company can access its data and applications even if the main server goes down. Part of the plan requires that data is backed up in multiple places. Ideally, one of the backup servers will be offsite.
One of the most common solutions these days for data storage is using a cloud service. Not only a cloud service is usually reliable as far as uptime, it also allows you to instantly access your data from any location at any time. Certain backup methods, such as storing data on tape, can take time to recover data.


A managed IT services provider in Long Island makes sure your data is available and accessible at all times. Contact us at Total Technology Solutions to learn more about how we can protect your digital assets so that you can focus more on growing your business.

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