November 28

Managed IT Services in Long Island: Cloud Backup Storage

You definitely know the importance of data backup. Providers of managed IT services in Long Island know the necessity of having copies of business files stored safely in an off-site location. The problem is that most are still using the traditional methods, such as thumb drives, hard drives, laptops, CDs and other storage media.

The problem with using such devices is that you will always require someone who is trustworthy to keep custody of them. In addition, these portable devices are not the safest way to store important business files. What if thieves break into your house and steal that laptop? Alternatively, perhaps you misplace the hard drive. Such incidences may result in unauthorized people getting access to confidential business data.

Consequences of Losing Backup Devices

Losing backup devices means that your data may be at risk and land in the wrong hands. As such, you will be required to notify all parties concerned with the data. This, of course, does not make a good impression on your company, and you may end up losing customers and business prospects.

Another problem is that once the data is lost, you may never recover it. This will also set your business a step back.

What Is the Best Data Backup and Recovery Method?

Providers that offer managed IT services in Long Island recommend the cloud as the best way to back up data. With the cloud, you are guaranteed safe features for backup and disaster recovery (BDR).

Benefits of Cloud Backup

  • Ease of Access – The cloud is not limited to any particular locality. You can log in from anywhere and access all the data that you need. If you are going to meet a client and forget your hard drive at home, you can access it and proceed with business as long as you have the data backed up to the cloud.
  • File Transfer Security – Managed service providers (MSPs) ensure advanced security during file transfers through encryption. This way, hackers cannot access your files. The auto sign out feature comes in handy in case an employee forgets to log out.
  • No Synchronizing Between Devices – With cloud backup, you do not need to synchronize between different devices. You can set all computers to save data to the cloud automatically. For accessibility, all you need is the password, and you can access the data from anywhere. Some vendors, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Azure and One Drive, offer a secure offsite space to store and archive documents automatically.
  • Ease of Recovery – In case of accidental deletion or loss of data, you can easily recover your data if you have saved it to the cloud. You might encounter floods, fires, hurricanes or other disasters that threaten your business. For this reason, the safest way to keep your data is in the cloud.
  • Cost Reduction – The goal of any organization is to minimize expenditure. Backing up to the cloud is cost-effective since recovery will be easy.

If you are seeking managed IT services in Long Island, Total Technology Solutions is here at your service. We are full-service IT solution providers. Contact us to learn more about how we can take care of your IT needs.

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