March 29

How Managed IT Services in Long Island Can Keep Your Information Protected

Data breaches are occurring at a record rate and it is critical to partner with a managed IT services provider in Long Island to keep your information safe and secure. Of course, the top priority for any organization is to keep data protected or you can suffer from devastating data loss that can ruin the reputation of your business. However, an IT provider can help your company identify any weaknesses and minimize the chances of a data breach. Here are just a few of the security concerns in today’s workplace and how an IT support company can keep your business well-protected:

Account Management

The first step in ensuring that your organization is protected from data breaches is through the installation of company policies that limit employee access to critical data. For example, the vast majority of employees do not need access to sensitive information, and it should only be available to a small group of individuals. An IT provider can monitor accounts and ensure that everyone is following company protocols, which includes prohibiting the use of sharing passwords. An IT company will also prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to confidential information through around the clock monitoring services.

Additional Training

The IT world never stays the same for long, and it is essential that each employee understands the best ways to avoid data breaches. Fortunately, an IT provider can offer additional training sessions to ensure that each employee is well-prepared for any cyberattack. These training seminars can also focus on ways to minimize data loss and can be held as often as needed. Ultimately, these additional training sessions are just another line of defense against the constantly evolving world of cyber threats.

Data Management

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly complex and the use of managed IT services in Long Island can help your company avoid losing valuable information to these cybercriminals. For example, an IT provider can help your business create a data management program that focuses on keeping confidential data out of the wrong hands. These policies can be updated on a frequent basis to ensure that your organization receives the ultimate cybersecurity protection at all times.

Incident Response

Data breaches can occur at any moment, and it is essential that your business has an incident response plan to minimize damage and significantly reduce any amounts of downtime. An IT provider can help your company create specific guidelines for a wide variety of situations. Instead of being caught off guard, your company will be well-prepared for any scenario with an incident response plan that details the actions of each employee in an emergency situation.
Choosing to use managed IT services in Long Island offers many cybersecurity benefits, which includes account management, additional training, data management, and incident response training. Total Technology Solutions is a full-service IT provider that specializes in cybersecurity and ensuring that businesses are well-protected at all times. We understand the significant risks of data breaches and our IT staff works around the clock to ensure that your business remains secure. If you wish to learn more about cybersecurity, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss in further detail the many advantages of using an IT provider.

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