January 18

How Managed IT Services Experts in Long Island Can Help You Apply Necessary Patches

Managed IT services experts in Long Island are regularly in the habit of issuing patches and security updates because that is part and parcel of the tech industry. It will never change. No matter how well-designed a system is, no matter how well thought-out a new computer, no matter how much brain power goes into it, human omniscience and perfection do not exist. Since mankind cannot be perfect by default, nothing created by him will be. The best it can do is work well, but perfection is beyond reality, just like infinity, or true randomness.
It should be no surprise Microsoft recently issued a software and firmware patch for non-Microsoft hardware. Intel, ARM, and AMD chips are affected by a bug bypassing certain relationships pertaining to Kernel access protection. Kernels are a term describing certain software organization relating to information, applications, chips, and how all of these things interact. The lowdown is this: there’s a way to bypass inbuilt protections and access data. This is being called a bug. It’s probably more appropriately an oversight. Either way, maintaining security requires a patch and avoiding such a patch is likely going to result in fallout at some point. As yet, these vulnerabilities have not been used to attack any customers, according to Microsoft. That said, Remember 2017’s WannaCry attack? The vulnerability was made public in March. By May, a ransomware worm took a globe-trotting tour of the planet, affecting systems in 150+ countries by entering SMB ports without any erroneous activity among users.

Protecting Your Assets

It’s essential to use managed IT services in Long Island for protection that automatically safeguards a given business against such regularly recurring vulnerabilities. Technology continues to exponentially develop, and there has never been a system so foolproof that it couldn’t be hacked. If you want to go a bit “meta” with it and assume the possibility of biologically based computers, which use DNA to store data (something that’s already been done in laboratories), you may want to consider that even human beings are regularly beset with a disease.
It’s especially telling that modern computer science is going to the fourfold coding which defines DNA rather than previous binary pursuits due to its inhering elegance. That exists apart from man and even in its nigh-perfect state, viruses, bacteria, and other intrusive agents regularly cause inflammation that can lead to severe illness or death. Even the body gets hacked by reality.
With Moore’s Law advancing computing technology, new innovations will naturally have vulnerabilities that are themselves new. So, if you haven’t sourced security patching of automatic design, it may make sense for you to do so.

Securing Your Business

Managed IT services in Long Island through Total Technology Solutions can help you do the next best thing to perfectly safeguarding systems. It can regularly patch them as vulnerabilities are discovered. Contact us today for protection solutions that will help you sustain operations even in the face of exploitable weaknesses in software and firmware.

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